Summer Is Here, So Don’t Leave Your Pets and Kids in the Car This simple mistake can turn deadly—fast. BY MAX GOLDBERG

With the days getting hotter and hotter as summer goes into full swing, the number of dangerous circumstances in which kids and pets are left in hot cars is on the rise. Although we may not think of it when driving around in air-conditioned comfort, a car can quickly turn into a deadly oven when left powered-down in the heat for even a few minutes.

Many people lock their loved ones in the car by accident, as their cars are several years old and lack the safety overrides designed to prevent such incidents from happening, such as key fobs that won’t let the cars lock if the keys are inside. However, there are also a select few who simply assume children and pets will be fine for “just a few minutes.” If you’re one of those folks, well, you should know better.


As you can tell from this chart, the inside of a car can get real hot, real fast—and bad things can quickly happen to smaller living creatures as a result. (A child’s body temperature can rise five times faster than an adults; if their body temperature hits 107 degrees, they can die.) Fortunately, manufacturers like GM agree and have implemented rear seat reminders to prevent potential tragedies from happening. Features like OnStar also allow cars to be unlocked remotely, but this procedure can often take several minutes.

Fortunately, many firemen and police officers are trained on how to jimmy a door open, using either airbags or a metal rod. This method is effective when time is on your side, but if all the windows are closed and it’s already 85 degrees out, breaking the window may be the best option.

Below, you see a video in which the NYPD was forced to break the back window of the car to rescue a child stuck in a car. Another video shows New Jersey State Police doing the same thing—further illustrating that most situations only allow a few minutes before heat stroke sets in.

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Is Grilling Bad For Your Health? Here’s What A Registered Dietitian And Oncology Specialist Wants You To Know BY JONI SWEET

Smoke and high temperatures can cause concerns, but there are some ways to make grilling healthy this summer.


Nothing marks the start of summer quite like the scent of barbecue wafting through your neighborhood. That savory, smoky aroma of grilled meats and vegetables is enough to make your mouth water and hanging out around a backyard grill is pure summer bliss. But if you stop and think about barbecuing—the smoke, the high temperatures, the gas or charcoal—you might start to wonder Is grilling bad for your health?

The health effects of grilled food are complicated. Obviously, a diet rich in cheeseburgers probably isn’t doing you many favors. But grilling (as a cooking method) comes with an array of potential health concerns you might want to be aware of before your next cookout. Here’s what you need to know about this beloved summer activity, as well as some tips on how to make grilling just a little bit healthier (without compromising flavor!).

First things first, we should address the question on so many people’s minds: Does grilling cause cancer?

There’s no other flavor quite like grilled meats. The act of tossing a hamburger or sausage on the grill and letting the open flame work its magic is what gives grilled food that unmistakable smoky–savory taste—but the chemical reaction that occurs during the process actually results in some gnarly toxins.

One study found that women who ate a lot of grilled, barbecued, and smoked meats over their lives had a higher likelihood of developing breast cancer.

When muscle meat, like a juicy steak or pork chop, gets fired on the grill, chemicals called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) form in the food. HCAs form when amino acids and other substances in meat react with heat. PAHs, on the other hand, are found in the smoke from fat dripping into flames, which then adheres to the meat. Both of these types of chemicals can actually damage your 


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