Sex Magick in Seven Steps: How to Use Your Orgasms to Change Reality BY JASON LOUV

Sex Magick Sigil Sexual Magick

Sex magick is the art of harnessing the raw altered states of consciousness generated by sexuality to direct your unconscious mind towards manifesting your goals. Here’s how to do it.

So. Sex magick. This will likely be remedial information for most of you but it never hurts to drag out the classics for another look. Some basics:

1. Your Conscious Mind is a Chatterbox That Always Gets in the Way.

You want some stuff. You really, really want some stuff. You might want a better job, a better place to live, a better relationship. Or maybe you want some kind of deep spiritual fulfillment. But you never get these things. Why? Because your mind is a chatterbox that always gets in the way. It’s a bundle of disjointed, attention-deficient thoughts that go in every direction, all the time. It’s scattered and dispersed and instead of a mighty river flowing in one direction it’s a bunch of channels and creeks spidering all over the place and dispersing its energy everywhere. Your thoughts are contradictory, self-defeating and by and large wasted and useless. You lack focus.

2. Your Unconscious Mind is a “Magical” Powerhouse.

While your conscious mind chatters away, your unconscious is already more or less set on its goals. Its programs are deep and instinctual, even hereditary, and it carries on doing what it’s doing no matter what your conscious mind is telling you. It’s a brutal little dictator that runs your life regardless of the gibberish of your conscious mind. As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Sex magick is a potent key to doing just that, and making the unconscious conscious.

3. Your Unconscious Does Not Speak Your Language. It Speaks in Symbols.

Corporations use logos for a very specific reason: They bypass your conscious filter and go directly into your unconscious. Your unconscious speaks Symbolese. This is why your dreams are full of bizarre and symbolic images and events. If you want to rewire your unconscious, you need to rewire it with symbols.

4. Your Unconscious Becomes Vulnerable to Reprogramming When in Altered States of Consciousness.

In order to reprogram your unconscious, you’ve got to break through the resistance of your conscious mind—meaning, specifically, you’ve got to get it to go quiet for long enough that you can get a command into your unconscious. It’s like the end of the first Star Wars movie: the Death Star is your brain, the reactor is the portal to your unconscious, and your thoughts are the TIE fighters flying around trying to prevent you from getting to the core of your own mind.

Monks of various religious traditions meditate for decades to quieten their thoughts, and it’s likely that they achieve long-term, permanent brain change which produces deep happiness in a way that no other human activity can.

But if you want to cut straight to the chase, you can produce altered states in many other key ways. People around the world have used drumming, dancing, over-breathing, fasting, sleeplessness, pain and dozens of other techniques to shock the nervous system out of the trance of daily reality. Sex is one of the best and most entertaining methods.

5. So: To Reprogram Yourself, Get Into an Altered State of Consciousness and Then Focus on a Symbol That Represents What You Want to Happen.

Here’s how to make said symbol, or “sigil”: