A Fresh New Day by The Silver Sage Witch of NewFound-Life.com

I now shower my spirit with love and light, I banish the darkness to strengthen my sight. Energy and power I now bond to me, with harm to none, so now it shall be. Magick surges through my heart, giving me, a fresh new start. My weakness and failures now melt away, bringing me success, … Continue reading A Fresh New Day by The Silver Sage Witch of NewFound-Life.com


Springtime hope…

This is one of the poems that I've written and I'd like to share it with you.  If you enjoy it, you might also enjoy the other poems that I've written and published.  I'll post the link for you, directly to Amazon where you can find this book called, "Coloring the Soul With Hope," and … Continue reading Springtime hope…

On finding self

I just found this a little while ago and it's perfect for what I have finally grown into. I used to follow the crowd so that I could fit in. I didn't know that that was a mistake. I wanted to do the things that I knew would make everyone accept me....that was also a … Continue reading On finding self

Powerful Energy: Shifting with a Changing World

In the changing tides we find ourselves in, we are being confronted by the old paradigm. The ghosts of the way things were done before. The outdated ways of dealing with them, the thoughts, and ideas of the past. The beliefs that kept us held to a way that was never our choosing. The maps and blueprints used … Continue reading Powerful Energy: Shifting with a Changing World

The Water Priestess

The water calls to us, and some of us it calls out to and then charges us with a task; work for the water. Water is our life; it runs through our veins and it is in danger.  Danger of being threatened and polluted beyond repair. Once in antiquity women were called to tend the … Continue reading The Water Priestess

The Phoenix Poem

I sit in my cage every single day, I want to get out – of this, I do pray. My emotions are flying here and there, I truly don’t know how much more I can bear. My tears overflow with every breath I take, One more day – I ask, please help me to make. … Continue reading The Phoenix Poem