A Fresh New Day by The Silver Sage Witch of NewFound-Life.com

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I now shower my spirit with love and light,

I banish the darkness to strengthen my sight.

Energy and power I now bond to me,

with harm to none, so now it shall be.

Magick surges through my heart,

giving me, a fresh new start.

My weakness and failures now melt away,

bringing me success,

and a powerful new day.

By The Silver Sage Witch  

(Victoria Baltimore Prutschke)


Springtime hope…


This is one of the poems that I’ve written and I’d like to share it with you.  If you enjoy it, you might also enjoy the other poems that I’ve written and published.  I’ll post the link for you, directly to Amazon where you can find this book called, “Coloring the Soul With Hope,” and a few others that I’ve written.  Please let me know what you think.

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So, now, on to Springtime hope…

To my delight, the persistent, steel, gray clouds of winter have finally admitted defeat and left my village in a hurry without even so much as a glance back at me.

All that I am thankful for is enhanced by the vast, clear-blue sky and a honey-golden sunshine which kissed my day, bringing along with it a plethora of lovely feelings and positivity in their purest form.

That special scent of Springtime, and fresh rain washed earth, dance gingerly on a light Angel-winged breeze that gently caresses my face and hands, re-assuring me that hope is still quite alive at this moment in my life.  I need only to open myself and allow it to flood my mind, my body, my soul – and I am determined to do just that.

Created by Victoria Baltimore Prutschke

On finding self

I just found this a little while ago and it’s perfect for what I have finally grown into. I used to follow the crowd so that I could fit in. I didn’t know that that was a mistake. I wanted to do the things that I knew would make everyone accept me….that was also a mistake.

I have learned much in these 53 years of life. I have learned that you can try to do what everyone else is doing, but you will never really fit in, so yes, it is best for me to just do me…..be who I truly am and do what I love, think the way I think, because at the end of the day, those that really like me, still will……..those who really love me, still do, and I am grateful that I’ve finally found what is right for me.

I hope you all have found your way, and if you haven’t, I truly hope that you soon will.

If you want to know more about me and how I live, you can have a sneak peek at my YouTube channel. Here is the link:

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Powerful Energy: Shifting with a Changing World

In the changing tides we find ourselves in, we are being confronted by the old paradigm.

The ghosts of the way things were done before.

The outdated ways of dealing with them, the thoughts, and ideas of the past.

The beliefs that kept us held to a way that was never our choosing.

The maps and blueprints used by a previous generation.

This time is for throwing out those plans. This is a time of choosing our own beliefs.

This is a time of rebellion.


This is a time of changing how you want things to be. This is a time of reshaping the model that we wish to live by and reclaim the rules over our own existence.

This is a time of tapping into you intuition, your knowing and above all your heart.

This is a time of claiming with both hands the life we are meant to live.

Fear shaped the paradigms of the past and look how it’s all worked out. Things are in chaos.

This time is telling us that we have the power to shape exactly what we want and we can do so from a place of love, hope and being centered in our dreams.

This is a time of reclaiming sovereignty of our own lives.

It isn’t always easy but hell it is so needed right now and oh so worth it.

This goes deeper than the phrase “let go or be dragged”.

It’s not just about dropping everything, it’s about choice.

This is a time where we are being shown where things aren’t working and being given the fire and conviction to say NO MORE and to shape our future with our own fingers.




OUT WITH THE OLDDuring these periods in which we are being asked to clear away the old patterns, one thing that we can do especially when we feel very frustrated and like we need to “do” something, is to clean and clear.

It doesn’t seem very glamorous, but getting rid of the cutter or focusing on detoxifying ourselves is a very powerful way of clearing the space for the transformations that are coming.

Give away items you don’t need, write down old thoughts and limitations and burn them, clear away bad eating and drinking habits.

Anything you can do to set yourself in a cleared out and peaceful place can be hugely beneficial.



CLEANSE & SMUDGEWhen you are done clearing the physical environment or if you are called to you can use some further clearing and blessing in the form of a smudge of herbs or incense. Sage, sweet grass and cedar are powerful cleansing herbs but work with what energy you feel called.

If smoke isn’t possible, you can mix up some essential oils in a glass spray bottle with some water and use that as a spray of intention. You can even place a few crystals in there to further the energy.



FEELINGS & BODYStay connected to your body & feelings during powerful shifts such as these. The inclination can be to shut things down and ignore what is rising.

When we are connected to the powerful compass of our body we are able to really tap into the truth of things really fast. Really connect to how you are feeling and how the things that are rising are feeling to you. When you are able to see what feels right/not right/what needs to change quickly based on your embodiment of them, you are able to shift things much more quickly.

If we ignore the powerful signs of what our body is telling us, it can create further hassle down the line.

meditation-972472_1920 (1)


GROUNDINGDuring shifts, we can feel so scattered. Sleeplessness, restless and all the energy flying around can leave us feeling beyond frazzled.

Take some time to employ some grounding.

Grounding or “Earthing”  is a great way to reduce stress and even aid sleep. Spend time in nature with your feet on the Earth and your face in the breeze, eat some root veggies, use some grounding crystals (blue kyanite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, hematite, smokey quartz), try an earthing mat, picturing your feet growing roots deep into the earth giving you a solid foundation.



FEED YOUR SOULThese shifts exist for more than just stress and shake up. They show up to show us what we are wanting more of in our lives, where happiness already exists and what we want to develop further.

Take the time during these shifting seas to pay attention to where you get your happiness from and the messages that are rising from your heart. With the new shifts, we can be given the chance to look with fresh eyes at old situations and this can create pathways to the seemingly impossible that we never dreamed.

This is a time of allowing your deepest dreams and for having hope for the future. So open yourself to where you find joy, ease, comfort, love and peace. Have some fun, laugh and be silly. Not only does it feel amazing but it drops down the barriers that we can be holding up towards the shifts that are wanting to flow in.

This time is teaching us that we can live our lives from a place of joy and happiness. When we reclaim doing things from a place that feels good we fuel the positive shifts that are incoming.


WATCH FOR THE MIRRORSOpinionated people are rising.

Parents and friends can give their thoughts and opinions freely and liberally right now especially in regards to how we are wanting to live our lives going forward. These can be coming from a place of being tied to an old fear based way of doing things.

There is a purpose to this. They are there to show us how we FEEL about things.

Again this comes back to being able to tap into and listen to your body.

If you are raging against what they are saying, if you are feeling miserable sadness, or know they are coming from a place where you’re not in alignment with their messages, listen to your body. Your body is a fine tuned instrument and knows the truth beyond words. Hear the messages that it is telling you and the lessons that are being taught from these mirrors.

In the end only you know what is right for you and this shift is about reclaiming the knowing of what you are here to accomplish and experience far deeper than the limiting imaginations and thoughts of others. So reclaim sovereignty over your feelings and don’t let anyone else govern them for you.



Never forget that you are always free to sever the chains that bind you.

We can choose in any moment to change our world.

We always have the power to decide what we are going to build our life out of.

This energy is just giving us a little extra help to make that possible.

Always remember that you were made for these times and never doubt your own power.

Shifting with you,


By:  C. Ara Campbell


The Water Priestess

The water calls to us, and some of us it calls out to and then charges us with a task; work for the water. Water is our life; it runs through our veins and it is in danger.  Danger of being threatened and polluted beyond repair. Once in antiquity women were called to tend the waters, to work with sacred springs and holy wells. They used it to sacredly bathe in groves before practicing oracular work and they worshiped and honored those spirits and deity that were born of the sea and dwelt within the water.

Remnants of history whisper of groups of maidens, often nine in number, being associated with goddesses either in their own role as sacred vessels or as priestess or attendants of a sacred body of water. Ireland, Scotland, Ancient Greece, old Norse, Iceland and many more references are scattered throughout folklore and history telling of ancient priestess who are priestess of water or strongly associated with it. Even after the priestess began to die down and Christianity rose to power, the water priestess remained, now in a new guise, one of the Christian Saint. Perfect examples are St. Keynes and St. Hilda both who were young women, performing miraculous acts and having sacred water spring up at their feet. Even still later in the remote villages of Europe, women (and sometimes men) would become well attendants, and for a price perform magic and spells often of healing at the site of ancient and holy wells.Water since the beginning of time has been used to nourish us, to wash us, clean us, and quench our thirst. It has been revered by many cultures and treated as sacred. Today our current political climate is such that our precious water is in danger; danger of being used and abused beyond repair. But it calls to us, it reaches out through subtle vibrations and through voice and song in the quiet patter of rain drops and the fierce force of a wave and it calls to us, beckons to us to heal it, protect it, revive it and revere it.

A straight but broken line connects these water priestess to us today; when the call of the water is heard again by modern spiritual and magical women. Women who are connected to the spirit realm, and often embrace different forms of magical practice such as metaphysics and witchcraft who have been awakened to the words and whispers of the water. Spirits of ancient and hidden wells are calling to these modern priestess in dreams, beckoning them to come and find the ancient well, clean it and revive the old practices. Women are being called to perform rituals to heal and bless the ocean, protect and champion the fresh water rivers that are in so much danger of destruction and we rise. We rise to this call, the water is speaking, the water is calling, and we listen.

Many modern Priestess’, who are trained in magic, energy work, trance, oracular work or divination, have begun to move and form practices at the shore with one collective goal in mind; heal the water, protect the water and revive the old practices that were lost, but still flow through our veins and pulsate with the life force of water. As their eyes fly across the pages of Dion Fortunes Sea Priestess looking for clues to the past, how we should practice and how it shall come to pass.

Rise up watery child

With the power of the Well, Fount and Spring

Hear the Water whisper

Hear the water sing

Children of the water rise,

into women under the Priestess guise.

Practicing rites, teaching the young

Uncovering mysteries that have just began to be sung.

Remember the ways of the water,

Rites of old, spells and stories yet to be told

Waters from the heavens fell

At their feet they bubble and swell

Remember where the water spirits dwell

At sacred spring, fount and well.

And when you have remembered

Hold it close and keep it treasured

Stir the cauldron, fill the vessel

Heal, Pray, Protect and Feed

Become the Water Priestess the world needs

I was one that heard the call and fearlessly I charged into the world with water at my feet and pulsing through my own veins. At times the mission unknown to my conscious mind, but feeling the tug, the push and pull and strong current at my feet; I dove in and I began the work. As my own work began to manifest and I began, at the will of the water to speak, write and teach I found others were profoundly moved by my words, my practice and my charge. Then I began to find others that needed just a tiny push and that could swim deeper than I and still I found others who of their own accord and that of the water began to listen and form their own practices. I met water priestess’ and well maiden and I knew that I was not the only one the water had charged with this mission.At one time water was honored for being sacred, time turned and these practices and ancient knowledge were lost with only puzzle pieces left to be found and pieced back together by those that are haunted by the waters words, do not let the old practices fade from memory, scour a forgotten tome and find the old ways. It is time to practice again, it is time!

Written by Annwyn Avalon

The Phoenix Poem

I sit in my cage every single day,

I want to get out – of this, I do pray.

My emotions are flying here and there,

I truly don’t know how much more I can bear.

My tears overflow with every breath I take,

One more day – I ask, please help me to make.

His words – they sting, deep into my heart,

Sometimes it’s so bad, I wish I could part.

Deep sadness, deep pain in my soul I do feel,

Dear Angels please come and help me to heal.

Out of these ashes I know I will rise,

I will spread my wings, and far away I will fly.

I will grow, I will learn, I will do the right thing,

And the praises of my Guardian Angels –

I will proudly sing.

Created by Victoria Prutschke ©