Decaf Coffee Wake Up Like Caffeinated Coffee

I am a person that cannot drink caffeinated coffee, soft drinks or tea because they trigger migraines. As I drank regular beverages for years trying to wake up drinking decaf coffee didn't really do it for me. Hence being a witch I put a spell on the decaf coffee to wake me up like caffeinated … Continue reading Decaf Coffee Wake Up Like Caffeinated Coffee


Goddess Knowledge – White Shell Woman

White Shell (or White Bead) woman, also called Turquoise Woman or Alone Woman, is so said to be a younger version of Changing Woman. White is the color of dawn and of the east. Whit Shell Woman, the creator and sustained of life, created re Navajo people and sent them their home. As gift, she … Continue reading Goddess Knowledge – White Shell Woman

Another Tip on Grounding Excess Energy

When you release your own or a ritual or any magickal working excess energy into Mother Earth ask her to renew the energy to use however she wants to. Also thank her for her help. Then make sure to fill the emptiness you have left inside yourself with some type of energy be it love, … Continue reading Another Tip on Grounding Excess Energy