A Fresh New Day by The Silver Sage Witch of NewFound-Life.com

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I now shower my spirit with love and light,

I banish the darkness to strengthen my sight.

Energy and power I now bond to me,

with harm to none, so now it shall be.

Magick surges through my heart,

giving me, a fresh new start.

My weakness and failures now melt away,

bringing me success,

and a powerful new day.

By The Silver Sage Witch  

(Victoria Baltimore Prutschke)



Fairies | Witchcraft – Pagan, Wiccan, Occult and M­­agic by Magic


The term fairy can be used to describe many types of magical creatures. Most people relate the word fairy to the more ethereal image, the classic fairy with wings and flowing hair. Fairies are human in appearance and they have magical powers, the origin of fairies is the point of much contention as no one can actually say where they originated from.

Fairies are capable of making themselves invisible sometimes, fairies actually fly on the back of birds and they are very in tune with the creatures of the sky. Fairies are very intelligent creatures and their fragility is deceptive, they are actually powerful magicians and very strong mentally and physically.

Children who have imaginary friends are actually talking to fairies, as fairies feel most comfortable with children and are often drawn to their laughter. Adults catch fairies



Information and Correspondents in Witchcraft — Herb – Cloves by Vaya

Herb – Cloves

Planet: Sun, Jupiter

Element: Fire

Magical Properties

– In Japan and China cloves are used as an important material in incense, and in some European countries they can be found during Christmas and Yule in a holiday decoration called a Pomander.

– Cloves are often used to banish and ward against hostile or negative forces. In an extension, they are handy with shielding against psychic attacks and unwelcome magic. They can be used to drive off unwanted spirits and entities, or do things as mundane as stopping gossip.

– Due to the above property, cloves are also used for protection and cleansing. They can be


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Mirrors, Scrying, Mirror Superstitions, Mirror Legends, Divination And The Paranormal by Amanda Wright

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The Witching Crossroads by The Silver Sage Witch

I’m not in my Witchcraft room today because I thought it would be nice to sit by the fireplace on this lovely, cloudy day with a cup of tea and my Familiar named Pumpkin, and get a little more comfy as we do the video today. I hope you’ll get something nice to drink, settle in and enjoy. Btw, I dropped my tea (grimace…eye-roll)!

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What is the Great Rite of Witchcraft? How to perform it in your home! by The Alchemist

o what is the Great Rite of the Witches? Much have been written on what exactly is the so called Great Rite of the Witches. Judging from the source of information we can actually understand why did – or still do – try to manipulate the public opinion of a very important and powerful Rite.

The Great Rite of Witchcraft

So although there were many who claimed to know the truth about the Great Rite describing very different versions of this core-Ritual, the truth is only one:  The Great Rite of the Witchcraft is the actual or symbolic sexual intercourse of the Male and Female Divine powers.

The Great Rite is traditionally performed on the 1st of May for the Northern Hemisphere or 1st of November for the Southern Hemisphere (Beltane) or 30th of April/Northern  – 31st of October/Southern (Beltane’s eve), a day of tremendous arcane Magical Power, utilised for Millenia by priests, priestesses, mages, witches and every day people by all over the world. The 1st of May (Beltane in the Celtic tradition and in WICCA) is a sacred Sabbath right in the middle of the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is considered a Magical Day of intense sexuality. A day most appropriate for sex magic and fertility spells.

The two Principles of the Material World, the Male and the Female are celebrated in their divine marriage, the Hieros Gamos (Ιερός Γάμος). In some traditions the Male principle is identified as the Horned God who lusts for the Maiden Goddess longing to consummate the marriage. This sexual intercourse is often reproduced in fancy Sexual Magic rituals of actual sex (!!!) of the High Priest and the High Priestess, or even with the participation of members of the covens and worshippers.

The Great Rite of the Witchcraft is the actual or symbolic sexual intercourse of the Male and Female Divine powers.

If we try to “peel the onion” of this Ritual we will be amazed by the plurality of the symbolism. Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness, Life and Death. The Horned God is the World’s Libido,

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