How To Use Cloves To Remove The Evil Eye

evil eyes

“Malocchio”, “Mal Oje”, “Ayin-hore”,  “Drishti”, “Mati”, “The Evil Eye”.

Different languages have different terms to express the same thing: the belief that the eyes can be used to curse another person or affect their life negatively. The belief in the evil eye exists in cultures all over the world and can be found as far back in human history as ancient Sumeria.


The evil eye is a form of curse that is cast through a malevolent glare.

It is usually the result of envy, of jealously so strong that its energy consumes the person and is projected outwardly through the eyes, affecting the victim. The results vary, especially considering that the evil eye often affects one thing specifically (what the person who gives the evil eye is envious of) instead of having a general effect: from headaches and vomiting to stomach aches and more serious health symptoms, bad luck, fighting with your significant other, damage of property, injuries etc.

It is usually not done deliberately (although in some cultures/traditions, there are ways people use to train themself in how to use the evil eye to cause harm), but if given by a person who has the natural ability to easily give the evil eye and if this person is particularly envious, the effects can rival a deliberate curse placed upon someone.

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HOW TO REMOVE THE EVIL EYEremedies to remove buri nazar

There are many different ways to remove the evil eye curse.

The method I’m going to present here is the one I personally use. In many traditions they believe that for those methods to work, one has to either learn them from a person of the opposite sex (a mother can teach her son for example) or the person has to figure it out on their own by observing how someone else is doing it and without asking any questions.

Personally, I don’t believe there is any loss in effectiveness if one learns the method from a person of the same sex (or from an article on the internet, as is the case here).

However, the way I learnt this method was by observing older women in my extended family when they worked on removing the evil eye, so -since they weren’t allowed to explain how they do it exactly- chances are my method is slightly different than what my mom or aunt uses. This accounts for the many variations one can find for every basic method of evil eye removal, as well as for the different beliefs on how these methods can be used (many people will tell you for example that you cannot remove the mati from yourself; someone else has to do it) as well as in the actual result from the method used (the method I’m going to present for example is used by some people just for diagnostic purposes when they’re trying to find who gave them the evil eye, while








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10 Curses That Came True

When it comes to the supernatural, it’s fair to say that we’re skeptics. Even so, the idea of some creepy dude or lady putting a curse on us still proves a little chilling–especially after researching for this article. Below we examine ten hexes that actually had real-world results.

The Jake Bird Hex
Jake Bird was a low-down evil man, an axe murderer who claimed to have ended the lives of 46 people in dozens of states. Bird is one of the few African-American serial killers in history, and when he was arrested he confessed to killing two women in Tacoma, Washington. On the witness stand, he recanted that confession, but was found guilty due to forensic evidence and sentenced to death. In court, he erupted in anger, telling the assembled throng “I’m putting the Jake Bird hex on all of you who had anything to do with my being punished. Mark my words you will die before I do.” Within a month, the judge was dead of a heart attack, as were one of the officers that took his confession, the court’s chief clerk and a prison guard. Bird’s lawyer himself died a year to the day after the sentencing. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Tecumseh’s Curse
One of the most famous curses in American history started with the Presidential election of 1840, where William Henry Harrison was elected in no small part due to his routing of Native American leader Tecumseh at Tippecanoe. Harrison’s Presidency was short-lived, however – after contracting pneumonia during his inaugural speech, he was dead within a month. Since then, almost every President elected in a “zero year” has died in office. Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and JFK were murdered, Warren Harding had a stroke and FDR a cerebral hemorrhage. Some say the failed attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life in 1981 broke the curse for good. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The Curse Of The Little Bastard
Some curses are carried by inanimate objects, dooming whoever comes into contact with them. One famous example is the “Little Bastard,” the Porsche 550 Spyder that James Dean bought while filming “Rebel Without A Cause” and later wrecked spectacularly on Route 466, taking his own life in the process. After the crash, the car was bought by George Barris, who had originally customized it, and then the scary stuff began. He sold parts from the car to a pair of drivers who went on to race against each other and both got into horrific accidents (one fatal). When he lent the Bastard to the California Highway Patrol, the building it was in burned down. A truck transporting it had a mechanical failure that resulted in the Porsche slipping off and killing the truck driver. Even thieves trying to swipe the Bastard came away with grotesque injuries. (Photo credit: Photofest)
Johnny Garrett’s Curse
Here’s a particularly grisly story that begins with the rape and murder of an 83-year-old nun in Houston, Texas and just gets scarier from there. The crime was pinned on Johnny Frank Garrett, a mentally deficient young man who had been seen in the area. He claimed innocence, but the evidence was enough to send him to Death Row. On the way to his execution,

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