How to Contact your Guardian Angel By: The Alchemist

Guardian Angel, a word drenched with hope, magic and virtue! Angel comes from the Greek word αγγέλος which actually means the Messenger. Angel is the God Hermes – Mercury in latin – and the Goddess Iris in Greek Pantheon. The one who bears the Divine messages from Olympus to other Gods, Heroes and Mortals. What … Continue reading How to Contact your Guardian Angel By: The Alchemist

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Weekly Angel/Tarot card guidance

Something new!!   Be sure to check here (especially on Mondays), for guidance from the Angels.....or from the Tarot.  I will be pulling new, every Monday! Have an awesome week! Namaste  Chakra Clearing Archangel Metatron: Call upon me to clear and open your chakras using sacred geometric shapes.  

The Phoenix Poem

I sit in my cage every single day, I want to get out – of this, I do pray. My emotions are flying here and there, I truly don’t know how much more I can bear. My tears overflow with every breath I take, One more day – I ask, please help me to make. … Continue reading The Phoenix Poem