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Imbolc is a Celtic festival celebrating the emerging life in the world around us. It’s a wonderful chance to get crafty with your family and enjoy the wonders of new life. Here are our tips for a magical Imbolc together…

Perhaps one of the most quietly exciting festivals of the Celtic year, Imbolc is a celebration of the awakening natural world and a time of cleansing. On our forays outside, we begin to see new life poking through the soil and buds tightening on trees. Imbolc is a time for bringing new ideas and projects into the


Quarter Days and Pagan Fire Festivals

In some modern Pagan traditions, including some forms of NeoWicca, the eight sabbats or holidays are divided into two groups: the fire festivals, or cross quarter days, and the quarter festivals. Some belief systems celebrate only one group — either the quarter or cross quarter days — and others mark all eight each year. Which ones you observe will depend on your own magical tradition, as well as which of these sabbats is most meaningful to you.

Did You Know?

  • The term “quarter days” is derived from a system in the British Isles in which four specific days each year were marked as a time to collect rents, hire new servants, and resolve legal matters.
  • Some traditions of Wicca and NeoPaganism celebrate only the quarter days, while others observe only the cross-quarter festivals.
  • In some belief systems, all eight days are celebrated annually, forming the system we call the Wheel of the Year.

Quarter Days

Pagan altar and spiral works outside next to a tree. Wicca and witchcraft.
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The quarter festivals, or lesser sabbats, include the solstices