5 Ways to Do Witchy Chores by The Otherworldly Oracle (aka Kitty)

Magical Cleaning: How to Enchant Your Chores in 5 Witchy Ways

Whether you run a household or not, everyone has chores. And nearly everyone has an aversion to cleaning, laundry, and all those other pesky home duties. But why not make cleaning a magical, empowering experience? Here’s how to turn your cleaning routine into a magical one and enchant your home in 5 witchy ways!

What is Magical Cleaning?

We all have to clean house. Do the dishes, mop the floors, dust the furniture. What happens when we add a little magic to our chores? We get magical cleaning! It’s a thing, I promise. And if you work a little witchcraft into your cleaning routine, you’ll thank me when your home feels lighter, brighter, and healthier. Here’s how to change your cleaning duties into an enchanting ritual:

5 Magical Cleaning Tricks and Rituals

Feel free to adjust our recommendations to fit your needs and preferences. Add your own twist to these witchy household chores:

1. A Witchy Way to Clean the Floors

Mopping the floors takes the longest in my house. I live in a warm climate where we have mostly hard floors so I have to first vacuum then mop. It takes double the time! So I’ve found a few ways to work some magic into my floor routine:

  • Craft and use floor sweeps or floor washes. A floor sweep is a herbal mixture that you sprinkle over hard floors for a specific intention. A floor wash is an herbal infusion used to mop the floors.
  • Add moon water to the mop water.
  • Move in a counterclockwise fashion from the front door, around the house, ending again at the front door (counterclockwise is a banishing/cleansing motion)
  • Sing or chant while mopping the floors!

2. Magical Dish Washing

Most of us despise doing the dishes. I look at dish-washing time as a time when I can drift off into the ether…I day dream, visualize, and pray to my guides and ancestors while I wash the dishes. You’ll find the time passes WAY quicker this way! In addition, read the soap bubble patterns in the water as a form of old school divination.

3. Laundry with a Witchy Twist

Laundry is another chore that most of us feel is rather monotonous. As soon as we’ve done a load of laundry, another has piled up. Make the laundry process a little more magical by doing these things:

  • Add a bit of moon water to the wash (I like to keep a small bottle handy in the laundry room for this reason)
  • Add ten drops of lavender essential oil to the wash (this makes it smell nice plus adds intentions of love, healing, purification, and more!)
  • Invoke water goddess and spirits while doing the wash: Abnoba, Yemaya, Atargatis. Weaving goddesses are also appropriate: Berchta, the Fates, Spider Grandmother, etc.

4. The Magical Front Door & Patio

Nowadays one spot of the house that’s often neglected is the front door and patio or walkway. In old school American folk magic, the front door and patio played an important part in the fortune and health of the household. In Feng Shui, the front door and walkway are also important for energy flow. Your front door and patio should be cleaned often of debris, dust, leaves and the like. Sweep your front porch from left to right to lock out negativity. Then wash your front door with an herbal infusion of basil, rosemary, and chamomile for protection, purification and luck. Spread red brick dust and other salt and herb powders over the front door threshold for protection.

Magical cleaning also includes adding magick to each room after cleaning ends.

5. Adding Magical Charms

Following every big cleaning I do at my house, I lay some sort of magical charm down. What I mean is this – once I’ve cleaned my front door and patio (as mentioned in the previous section), then I lay down red brick dust or a protective powder over my threshold. You can apply this to any room or area you’ve cleaned. Washed the windows down? Now draw protective sigils over the frames with a bit of oil or chalk. After you’ve cleaned your kitchen, invoke your

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Hey ya’ll!  If you have a beloved fur-baby, this video is definitely for you! I chose a short video that was jampacked with a lot of information that is quick and easy to understand.

Please, be sure to watch to the end and then clean your fur-baby’s ears on the regular, if you don’t already.

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The Importance of Recycling to the Environment. David Nicoll


Usually, recycling means turning used materials labelled as ‘Recyclable’ in a disposer container where these are meant to be taken and reuse as materials for new products. Recyclable products are used as the raw materials for new products. As the number of our natural resources is decreasing day by day and if this continues nothing will be left for our future generation, recycling is the only ways which can help us to meet our daily demands and save the natural resources. Another vital role of recycling is that it will reduce the amount of waste in our environment and help us to keep our surroundings clean.

Is Everything Recyclable?

Maybe not all the materials are recyclable but if you contact with your local recycling centre you will know what you can or cannot recycle. Usually, goods have the recyclable mark on their packaging or some labels to easily find out which recyclable materials are and which are not. But you have to give an extra effort to know whether these disposal containers with recyclable materials are actually going to recycle centre or being dump into the landfill. Because if their ultimate goal is the landfill then, the overall hard work to save the environment will be pointless.

How Recycling Affects the Environment?

Recycling is one of the best and effective ways to keep the environment impregnable. Because only reusing can lower the amount of waste and save the natural resources for future. Less landfill trash can save air and water from polluting. Did you know – If we recycle one aluminium can we will be able to save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours (Obviously depends on the energy consumption of your TV)? It might sound unbelievable but it’s true. This can give you an idea that how much energy can be saved if we take recycling seriously.

It’s not enough to change the way we act but the way we think to return the world what we have taken from it. A survey shows that approximately 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are cut down every year worldwide to use the land as a landfill. Another research shows that approximately 50 million tonnes of waste are produced in Australia each year. This landfill problem is a difficult issue to solve but has a powerful impact on environmental pollution.

Recycling will reduce the amount of waste of landfills which is potentially hazardous for


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