Tea Talk Thursday 1 Aug 2019 By: The Silver Sage Witch (Victoria) :-)

Oh my Goddess! It's time for another episode of Tea Talk Thursday! PLUS new music from a NEW ARTIST! PLEASE: Subscribe, Watch, Like, and Shaaaaare. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBQaaUixGv0

Energy Techniques for Staying Grounded

Staying grounded isn’t only for granola hippies. You might not have heard the term, but you’ve felt the positive effects of walking barefoot in nature. The reason it feels so good is because you’re literally grounding your body. WHAT DOES ‘STAYING GROUNDING’ MEAN? Think of the Earth like an enormous battery. One that’s emitting a subtle … Continue reading Energy Techniques for Staying Grounded

Thankfulness Magick

I don't wanna go to work!!