How a ritual of Angelic protection can help you against the Evil BY PADRE

If doubts take over, if you feel the influence of harmful waves weighing too heavily down on you, I suggest you put this angelic ritual into practice, one that will comfort you. I am talking about an angelical ritual capable of making you receive optimal protection from yourGuardian Angel against negative energies.

Steps to perform the ritual of Angelic Protection – different steps to know:

  • You
  • must take an incense stick,
  • Carefully light it,
  • Firmly


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Hi ya’ll! It’s me again, the Silver Sage Witch!

I got to hang out wit a Magickal friend of mine here in England nanef Helen, AND her owl named Luna and I will be showing you a video that I made of the two which will hopefully be coming up on Thursday!

Untill then, check out this cool video.

Have a Magickal day!


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Tarot Card & Angel Advice! By The Silver Sage Witch

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