Samhain- a Pagan Honoring of the Ancestors, and Death |

By Parliament of Religions Tags: Interreligious Movement Ancient faith was influenced by the natural world. Originating in ancient Europe as a Celtic Fire festival, the Pagan holiday of Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, heralds the beginning of winter-the dark half of the year, and honors death. Samhain, (pronounced SAH-win, or SOW-in) is … Continue reading Samhain- a Pagan Honoring of the Ancestors, and Death |

How to Honor the Dead – Alma

By T Kira Madden Here’s a secret: I wear my father’s clothes every day. Not entire outfits, but a garment or two, always. I wear his striped t-shirts to bed at night, his vibrant dress socks under my boots. I’ve tailored his button-up shirts to fit me in the shoulders; I’ve removed a link or … Continue reading How to Honor the Dead – Alma

Watch “Superstition // The Witching Crossroads with The Silver Sage Witch” on YouTube

Let me know what some of your superstitions are. This is exciting! Stay safe. Blessed be, The Silver Sage Witch of

How I work my Magick

(Ancestor Candle for a client) This is a short clip to show my clients the way that I work and the thorough work that I put into all that I do. Everything is saged first before I get started....including myself. If you need my Magickal help, please contact me at the following email address: … Continue reading How I work my Magick