Important events

Spring Equinox

The month of March is very special to many, especially Witches, as it marks the official beginning of Spring.  This is a time of balance, as the day and night are equal in length. This lovely event occurs anywhere between the 19th 22nd of March.
We celebrate Ostara, which is also called the  Spring Equinox, Vernal Equinox or the March Equinox in the northern hemisphere, or the Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere.
Ostara is a Pagan fertility celebration that has been taken over by the Christian religion and renamed Easter.
This time of the year is one of my favorites because Mother Nature is waking up from her long, dark slumber and She begins painting the hills and fields with springtime colors of yellow, green, pink, purple and white.
Some symbols of Ostara include: bunny rabbits, lambs, eggs, baby chicks and birdies, spring flowers, rain, sunshine and warmer temperatures.