5 Signs You May Be Ready to Practice Reiki by Christie Pitko

Reiki is used to promote the healing of chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, the immune system, and much more. It can complement your yoga practice by offering balance, strength, and creativity. There are four degrees of Reiki, with the energy and knowledge being passed down from Reiki master to student via an attunement. The … Continue reading 5 Signs You May Be Ready to Practice Reiki by Christie Pitko

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Weekly Angel/Tarot card guidance

Something new!!   Be sure to check here (especially on Mondays), for guidance from the Angels.....or from the Tarot.  I will be pulling new, every Monday! Have an awesome week! Namaste  Chakra Clearing Archangel Metatron: Call upon me to clear and open your chakras using sacred geometric shapes. https://youtu.be/vrGY2_GX3T0  

A Shaman’s Guide To Quitting Smoking

(This was posted in the past and no longer indicative of where I am now as a shaman. However, it might be valid information for where you are in your journey so I still have it publicly available. To get the latest updates, visit my YouTube Channel for daily videos, livestreams and more. To book a session … Continue reading A Shaman’s Guide To Quitting Smoking

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a light yet powerful Japanese form of natural healing that promotes stress reduction, relaxation, gaining clarity & focus, and many other healing & activating benefits.  Meaning "Universal Life Force Energy," Reiki (pronounced ray-key) exists within and all around you.  The practice of Reiki involves the light placing of hands on the body, or … Continue reading What is Reiki?