Am I Ready For A Dog? By Dogtime

(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) If you’ve told yourself, “I need a dog,” or “I want a puppy,” and think you’re ready to adopt, take a moment to fill out this quiz. It will reveal the ideal animal choice for you and your family. The Quiz TAKE THE QUIZ & READ MORE HERE:   … Continue reading Am I Ready For A Dog? By Dogtime


Introduction to Familiar Spirits BY KELDEN

In today’s modern Witchcraft, Familiars are often times thought of as being animal companions or pets. When asked if they have a Familiar, many Witches will often refer to their cat, dog, or other animal. Usually these pets have a predisposition towards Witchcraft, whether they’re always showing up at ritual time or just can’t seem … Continue reading Introduction to Familiar Spirits BY KELDEN

Secret life of modern-day witches – BBC News By Lynette Horsburgh

Image captionKathy Rowan-Drewitt concealed her fascination with witchcraft It is 400 years since the Pendle witch trials led to 10 people being hanged for witchcraft. But do modern witches still suffer prejudice? He has carved out a successful career as an employment lawyer. But the 38-year-old, who is sometimes known as Myrddin, also takes part … Continue reading Secret life of modern-day witches – BBC News By Lynette Horsburgh

Totem Animals – Crystalinks

Totem animals represents great spirit or that which they need to survive. We all have power animals which can be accessed by meditation. Below are a list of animals and their symbology. Ant: group mind, patience, action Antelope: action, agility and sacrifice Armadillo: safety, boundaries, medicine shield Bat: rebirth, secrets and initiation Bear: power, healing … Continue reading Totem Animals – Crystalinks

The terrifying story of the ‘hell hound’ – BBC News

By Katy Prickett BBC News By Katy PrickettBBC News Image copyrightTIM FOX-GODDEN Image captionThe dog is called Black Shuck in East Anglia, Hairy Jack in Lincolnshire and Barghest in Yorkshire and Lancashire The beast captio Terrifying tales of "hell hounds" - ferocious black dogs, eyes glowing and teeth bared as they wreak vengeance on the … Continue reading The terrifying story of the ‘hell hound’ – BBC News

Charming Magick

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