Daily Chakra Healing (Part 3) Tuesday – Navel


Today’s focus is vulnerability versus naivete’. Vulnerability is often viewed as a weakness, but in truth it’s a superpower founded in trusting that our authentic expression is valuable and necessary. Vulnerability asks us to reveal who we really are, not a pared-down persona;it’s that act of giving ourselves permission to be ourselves. When we try to be what we are not, we lose touch with those gut feelings that steer us away from needlessly harmful situations. The naval helps discern between exposing the true self to enable authentic expression and intimacy versus sticking our head in the sand and exposing ourselves to danger. Get curious about areas where you’re pressuring yourself to adopt a persona, people please, or otherwise keep your true nature under wraps as well as areas where you might be overriding alarm bells — are there connections between the 2?

Color: Orange

Location: Just below the belly button

Crystals: Amber, carnelian, peach moonstone, orange calcite

Food and Drink: Carrots, orange peppers, oranges, calendula tea with orange peel and a pinch of turmeric


Copyright Melissa Tipton Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2020 Pages 11 to 15.

5 Card Angel Messages & Advice for the week of 4 May 2020 by the Silver Sage

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