To Our Northern Sisters, Brothers, and Guests…

Samhain blessings from NewFound-Life



  Suggestions on how to celebrate the Wiccan Sabbats simply as a solitary. Especially useful for teenagers and people with roommates. Celebrating the Sabbats can easily be done as a solitary, because celebrating doesn't have to be extravagant and complicated. The spirit of it is the most important thing. Start out simply. In this way, … Continue reading SIMPLE SOLITARY SABBATS by CrystalWind

Power: written by The Silver Sage Witch of

Self Love and Self Power, now belong to me, I am imbued with wisdom, and integrity. I come out of my shell to seek and to find, joy and fulfillment that now shall be mine. I now believe in myself, I am strong and full of Power, I bow not or grovel, nor do I … Continue reading Power: written by The Silver Sage Witch of

5 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors | Kitchn

by SHEELA PRAKASH S’mores are a campfir classic, but what do you do when the craving hits and the weather isn’t cooperating or there’s no campfire (or fire pit, or grill)? You improvise. Here are five easy ways to get your s’more fix indoors this summer. 1. Make them over the stove. Let’s start with … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors | Kitchn

Samhain- a Pagan Honoring of the Ancestors, and Death |

By Parliament of Religions Tags: Interreligious Movement Ancient faith was influenced by the natural world. Originating in ancient Europe as a Celtic Fire festival, the Pagan holiday of Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, heralds the beginning of winter-the dark half of the year, and honors death. Samhain, (pronounced SAH-win, or SOW-in) is … Continue reading Samhain- a Pagan Honoring of the Ancestors, and Death |

Easy Sunflower Bread (no-knead) » Little Vienna

I am a huge fan of this quick and easy sunflower bread – or to be more precise – of this rye and whole wheat sunflower seed bread. In Austria, we eat this kind of bread a lot. It usually comes loaf-shaped and consists of a mixture of white and whole wheat flour. I also … Continue reading Easy Sunflower Bread (no-knead) » Little Vienna