Joining a Coven ~vs~ Solitary Witching by The Silver Sage Witch of

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Decaf Coffee Wake Up Like Caffeinated Coffee

I am a person that cannot drink caffeinated coffee, soft drinks or tea because they trigger migraines. As I drank regular beverages for years trying to wake up drinking decaf coffee didn't really do it for me. Hence being a witch I put a spell on the decaf coffee to wake me up like caffeinated … Continue reading Decaf Coffee Wake Up Like Caffeinated Coffee

Color Magick

Witches often incorporate the energies associated with various colors into their spells.  Every color in the rainbow has an energy signature that is suitable for magick, but most Witches stick to a correspondence that includes mostly the primary and secondary color palette. Once you know what color has what kind of energy, it becomes second … Continue reading Color Magick