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Regular, Vegan or Vegetarian Oatmeal Muffin Recipe

Lady Beltane had a minor heart-attack a couple of months ago that finally woke her up to the fact that at 61 years she needed to quit eating like someone at least 30 years her junior. I go to a coffee house every week, usually Wednesday’s for what I call my Muffin Wednesday Walk, which Sliver Sage Witch thinks is a silly name but oh well, and their home made muffins are fantastic but with my slowly changing diet I cannot eat some of the ones they make. I have a grandson who has many food allergies including all dairy, wheat products, and eggs so I developed a recipe for vegan oatmeal cookies and also one for vegan oatmeal muffins sometimes with dried cranberries or very dark chocolate (95% Cocoa). When I created this recipe about 13 years ago I had never even heard the word “vegan” so had no idea that was the type of recipe I was making.

Side note for people making the in countries where the use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit double check the ingredient measurements and baking tempature as I may have converted something or everything wrong. I live in the Midwestern United States so don’t use C, gm, ml, etc. 

Vegetarian or Vegan Oatmeal Muffins

Bake st 350 F/180 C   For 18 to 20 minutes  Makes 12 muffins

The measurements for all ingredients up to the Flax seed stay as does the extract and optional ingredients the same for regular muffins. The only change is a large egg for the flaxseed,

1 cup regular flour or 1 cup/240 Grams Oat Flour (to make your own oat flour use regular old fashion cooking oats not instant cooking oats. Start by placing the amount needed for the recipe into a food processor. Process the oats until they are a flour like consistency. Than remeasure or reweigh the oat flour you made need to make more or possibly have some left over)

1 cup/ 240 Grams Packed Light or Dark Brown Sugar

1 teaspoon/ 5 ml Baking Powder

1 teaspoon/ 5 ml Baking Soda

1/2 cup/ 120 ml Vegetable Oil

1 Large Egg or 2 Tablespoons/ 30 ml Flax seed or Pureed Prunes

1 teaspoon/ 5 ml Vanilla or Almond or Your Choice of Extract

1 cup/ 240 Grams Dried Cranberries or small to medium sized Dark Chocolate Chunks – OPTIONAL

In large bowl combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder, and baking soda (dried cranberries or small to medium size dark chocolate chunks . Mix thoroughly.

In another bowl combine vegetable oil, flak seed or pureed prunes, and the flavored extract. Mix thoroughly.

Add second bowl into first bowl. Mix ONLY until the dry ingredients are moist. Over mixing can cause muffins to come out flat.




Decaf Coffee Wake Up Like Caffeinated Coffee

I am a person that cannot drink caffeinated coffee, soft drinks or tea because they trigger migraines. As I drank regular beverages for years trying to wake up drinking decaf coffee didn’t really do it for me. Hence being a witch I put a spell on the decaf coffee to wake me up like caffeinated coffee but without all the side effects like shaking from too much caffeine or not being able to fall asleep at a decent hour.

It also goes great with a full breakfast, muffins, cake, an afternoon pick me up, etc.

In order for the spell to give you the correct out come be 100 % sure of the direction you are stiring in at the right correct direction for each part of the spell. Also make sure you keep the intent of the spell, which is making you feel more awake when you need to be, as the main thought in your mind as you make the coffee, get the wooden spoon, pouring the coffee in to whatever kind of cup you use, and especially as you take that wonderful first sip. Is it just me or do others think the very first spin of coffee is the best taste of most days?

Items Needed:

Decaf coffee – however much you want to make at a time

Wooden Spoon (A metal or plastic spoon does not seem to work as well when you are storing the pot of coffee)

Coffee Cup, Mug, Travel Mug, Saucer or whatever reciprocal you drink your coffee from

Teaspoon to stir in whatever you use in your coffee.

Wide Awake with Decaf Coffee Spell

Stirring three times clockwise each time the spoon goes around in the coffee pot say “I stir you to awaken me.”

Stirring three times counter-clockwise each time the spoon goes around in the coffee pot say, “I no longer feel tired.”

At the end say, “As I will it, so mote it be.” Or however you end your spells.

Pour your decaffeinated coffee in to your receptacle than add whatever you drink in your coffee with the teaspoon stir ingredients together in a clockwise direction. This is the time to put a little extra push into the intention of the spell.

Drink the bespelled decaffeinated coffee for a minimum of 7 days as your physical body needs time to adjust to the missing caffeine. If it is to hard to go straight to decaffeinated than buy and use a small container half caffeinated and half decaffeinated coffee after you have used all the half and half than buy straight decaffeinated. Believe it or not caffeine is a legal drug that you can mentally and physically get addicted to. I know this is a very hard thing I’m asking you to do as I drank 2 go 3 pots of regular coffee in 1 twenty-four for many many years. So if you need help or want someone to talk to about your caffeine withdrawal please email me

Copyright 2011 Lady Beltane

Please let me know if it works or not for you.


Color Magick

Witches often incorporate the energies associated with various colors into their spells.  Every color in the rainbow has an energy signature that is suitable for magick, but most Witches stick to a correspondence that includes mostly the primary and secondary color palette.

Once you know what color has what kind of energy, it becomes second nature to seek out specifically colored items when crafting a spell.  The color of every single item incorporated into a spell is not going to be the same.  If you are using herbs in your spell, most of them are going to be green no matter if you are doing a spell for love which is associated with red, or a spell for your sick cat which is associated with brown.  Essential and blended oils will, of course, be clear or amber in color.  Likewise, incense cones and sticks are probably going to be brown or black.  It is the items you can control the color of that you should be concerned with.  For example, you can make a point to choose a red candle for your love spell, or a brown piece of cloth to heal your sick cat.

Use the color charts to choose the colors you can control:  Candles, Cloth, Ribbons, Bags, Clothing, Paper, Ink Colors, Gemstones, and similar items.  The universal color substitute is White, so if you are doing a healing spell and don’t have anything Blue, Green or Purple available, it is acceptable to use White.


Banishing ~ Exorcism ~ Protection ~ Releasing ~ Reversing ~ Uncrossing


Change ~ Depression ~ Fidelity ~ Flexibility ~ Happiness ~ Harmony ~ Healing ~ Health ~ Impulsiveness ~ Magickal Power ~ Patience ~ Protection ~ Psychism ~ Sleep Tranquility ~ Truth ~ Understanding ~ Wisdom


Agriculture ~ Animals ~ Balance ~ Concentration ~ Finances ~ Home ~ Money ~ Neutrality ~ Psychism ~ Sorrow ~ Study


Attraction ~ Divination ~ Finances ~ Fortune ~ Intuition ~ Luck ~ Money ~ PersuasionUnderstanding


Mediation ~ Neutrality ~ Psychism ~ Stability ~ Victory


Abundance ~ Balance ~ Employment ~ Fertility ~ Finances ~ Fortune ~ Generosity  Growth ~ Happiness ~ Healing ~ Luck ~ Marriage ~ Money ~ Prosperity ~ Purification      Renewal ~ Success ~ Wealth


Adaptability ~ Attraction ~







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