Egg Cleansing: How To Remove Curses With An Egg

Today’s post in on removing curses from yourself by passing an egg over your body, with a method known as egg cleansing, limpia de huevo or limpia de los huevos (it means egg cleansing in Spanish) or simply limpia. Eggs have various uses in magic. They can be used in container spells, for protection and … Continue reading Egg Cleansing: How To Remove Curses With An Egg

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Mmmm, September. ♡ I don’t know about you all, but the moment the calendar flipped over this weekend, all I wanted to do was cozy up with some of my fall faves.  It was gray and rainy here these past few days, which probably provided extra incentive to stay in and snuggle up.  And sure enough, one thing led to … Continue reading BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP by Ali