Tree Magic: Magical Properties of Trees, Celtic Ogham, and More

Tree Magic: Magical Properties of Trees, Ogham, and More

We hear so much about the magic of herbs and crystals, but what about tree magic? Did you know our Celtic ancestors worshiped trees? Our ancestors believed trees housed powerful spirits and sometimes even gods themselves. Let’s dive into tree magic of the Celts, including the magical properties of trees and Ogham – the sacred tree alphabet. We’ll learn how to harness the potent energy of trees to make our own unique, green magic come to life.

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Tree Magic of the Ancestors

Do you have an undying love for trees? As a child, did you climb trees and spend hours playing in the forest? I know I did and still do. People in modern times spend 2/3 of their lifetime inside, which means most of the time they are away from nature. They’re away from the trees. Trees not only provide us with shade and oxygen, they also provide us with food, medicine, therapy, and magic. Our ancient Celtic ancestors knew this intimately. I believe our connection with trees is in our DNA and that tree magic can be reawakened within us when we are open to it.

Celtic Tree Magic

The Celts believed trees had consciousness. The Druid priesthood is said to have met in forest groves to conduct rituals and meetings. “Druid” is theorized to have originally been associated with “dryad” which was the Greek term for tree nymphs (spirits/gods). Because the Druids were so connected to the trees, it makes sense people from elsewhere would refer to them as tree spirits/people, of sorts. Woodhenges have been found all over England and Ireland, which is essentially the wooden equivalent of Stongehenge: a ring of wooden beams or trees used as sanctuary for ancient peoples. According to the Celtic tree calendar, the Celtic people honored 21 sacred trees. These were: the alder, ash, apple, aspen, birch, blackthorn, elder, gorse, hawthorn, hazel, heather, holly, ivy, mistletoe, oak, reed, rowan, scots pine, vine, willow, and yew trees.

The World Tree & Yggdrasil

Trees feature as the central figure in hundreds of myths and creation stories all over the world. Yggdrasil is an ash tree in Norse mythology on which the god Odin hung himself and received the wisdom of the runes. Trees were seen as immortal, which makes sense because many of them live long past the lives of human beings. The holly and evergreen boughs we use to decorate atChristmas-time is a nod to the old beliefs in the immortality and longevity of trees. Yggdrasil is another of the World Trees from shamanic beliefs worldwide. The World Tree is a symbol of the three realms – the branches extend into the world of the gods, the trunk is the realm of the living, and the roots go underground into the world of the dead. Shamans work closely with tree magic on the spiritual planes when they “travel” up or down the World Tree to speak to the gods or retrieve lost souls.

The Ogham

Just as the Norse were given the elder futhark runes as a sacred alphabet, the Irish were given the Ogham tree alphabet. The Norse god Odin was given the Elder Futhark, while the Celtic god Ogma was given the Ogham, or so legend says. The Ogham is thought to have been used as an alphabet but also has sacred spiritual meaning. Each “letter” is representative of a sacred Celtic tree. In contrast to the Elder Futhark runes with their distinctive markings, the Ogham is a series of slashes. Both are used today for divination purposes. Find Ogham and runic divination sets online or in metaphysical shops.

Threefold Wisdom of the Tree: Tree Magic

Magical Properties of Trees

The magical properties of trees differ from tree to tree. If you want to learn tree magic, learn the magical properties of trees in your yard, neighborhood, and local area. Here’s a list of the more popular trees and their magical properties:

  • Alder: banishing, divination, healing, protection, psychic intuition, resurrection
  • Apple: underworld,







4 thoughts on “Tree Magic: Magical Properties of Trees, Celtic Ogham, and More

  1. Thank you for posting this. Being one who reads and writes Runes, I’ve always suspected they are somehow related. I lack a component of understanding in Ogham.

    That being said. I was wondering, Ma’am, if you know anything about, or would be willing to tell me about the Linden Tree?

    My favourite European folktale is Baucis and Philemon. The symbolism of the Oak is attested to in Hellenic and Nordic and Celtic myth. But the Linden, while obviously important, is more elusive. For reference, here is a retelling of said folktale aforesaid.

    Thank you in advance for any insight you might render.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings brother. It’s heartwarming to receive such an indepth message from you.

      The fact that you work with Runes makes me smile, as I began my Pagan Witchcraft journey here in Germany, back in 20002, by gathering small stones down in the riverbed and painting them and then trying to learn the meaning of each of them.

      I must, however, admit that I still don’t know the meaning of each and every one of them, but I still take them out and divine with them every so often.

      I’ve not read the European folktale, Baucis and Philemon, but I see you have it on your site, so later on, I will read about it. The Oak is one of my most favorite trees – so mighty and regal.

      The Linden tree, however, is one of beauty, healing, and powerful Magick (at least that’s how I view her).

      I don’t know a whole lot about the Linden, but I can tell you that they are very popular here in Germany and also in England. Their heady scent is associated with love spells & potions and raising the vibrations of the soul. Linden tea is good for calming anxiety, PTSD, headaches and a fair number of other things that might ail a body.

      I hope my small input has helped you somehow. Please do stay in touch.
      I wish you and yours the Brightest of Magickal Blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In 2002 I was just learning about Wicca from my sister in a rather sad attempt to get closer to a girl I had a crush on in High School. That didn’t work out, but it led me to Asatru. Learned the Runes not long after. They’ve been a strong part of my art ever since.

        Been an interesting ride since.

        I’ve planted a Linden (Tillia Tomentosa) overlooking my field. Next spring I shall plant a White Oak next to her. Someday my children will ask about the trees and I shall tell them the story.

        Thank you for sharing. I had heard the Linden has medicinal properties in tea. When Lindy is matured, I’ll give it a shot.


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