Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon: Suggestions for Rituals, Correspondences and Offerings BY CYNDI BRANNEN

The Dark Moon, occurring on the astrological new moon, is a time that many followers of Hekate set aside to honor her. There are many different ways to perform a Deipnon ceremony, but most include preparation, cleansing, creating sacred space, the working and follow-up. In this article, I offer some recommendations including a list of correspondences and offerings appropriate for honoring Hekate at the Dark Moon or anytime.

There is no definitive “how-to” concerning honoring Hekate during the Dark Moon (or any other time). The answers for questions about honoring Hekate can’t necessarily be found in any book, although historical and contemporary writings about her can shine a light on how we should approach our rituals.



Honoring Hekate is an Intimate Experience

I typically honor Hekate with a pilgrimage to High Head, a stunning granite outcropping near my home on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. This is a contemplative ritual including prayers to Hekate and connecting to certain epithets. This is my time to enter into a state of grace and wonder for all of creation. I see Hekate as the energy that fuels all living things. My idea is entirely personal, but since I had this notion I’ve discovered that others in modern times also see her this way and that The Chaldean Oracles provide a historical context for my intimate practice.

Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon or any time can (and should) be a very intimate experience, reflecting your personal understanding of her. Including elements based on the historical practices can be a very meaningful way of expressing your feelings for Hekate.

Deipnon Preparation: Focus and Planning

Deciding what to focus on for the Deipnon (or any) ritual is a personal process. Hekate’s three formed nature is a context for situating my devotional acts that I often use. This can include honoring her Under World, Middle World and Upper World roles which correspond to my three selves and their primary energies of feelings,

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