21 Vegan Desserts That Ditch the Dairy but Not the Flavor by Anisha Jhaveri

No matter how much more popular veganism is becoming these days, some people can’t shake the perception that all egg- and dairy-free desserts must taste like flavorless slabs of sandpaper. Clearly, these people have never tried any of these 100 percent vegan recipes.

The cookies in this roundup don’t contain butter, the pies have no eggs, and you won’t find cream cheese frosting anywhere near the cupcakes, but thanks to a few simple yet clever swaps, they’re all delicious examples of how a purely plant-based diet can translate to some pretty mind-blowing sweet treats. So don’t let the vegan label throw you off; any of these 21 vegan desserts would steal the show at the table.

Cookies and Bars

You’ll go (coco)nuts for these rich, soft chocolate-covered bars made with just four ingredients and in a grand total of six little minutes. With coconut oil, unsweetened coconut, and maple syrup, they’re just like Almond Joy bars, but healthier and even more addictive.

These fudgy treats taste just like something out of a Betty Crocker brownie mix, but we bet good ol’ Betty never thought to put

READ MORE:  https://greatist.com/eat/vegan-desserts


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