The top 11 most haunted places to visit In Britain By Emily Waddell

The UK has a long, bloody, and downright terrifying history

Every inch of this storied isle is dotted with paranormal activity. Whether it’s fabled ghost stories from centuries past or haunted houses that have lain abandoned for decades, there’s something insidious lurking in Britain…

So, just in time for Halloween we’ve rounded up the 11 most haunted places to visit in the UK to scare yourself silly. Or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, check out our article on The 12 Most Haunted places in the World. Who knows? You might discover that you have a ghost-infested castle near you, primed for a ghost hunting expedition on All Hallows Eve…

1. Conjure the Witching Hour on Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Pendle Hill haunted britain
Do the souls of witch haunt Pendle Hill? © Jane McIlroy/

If you’re at all spookily inclined, you’ll have probably heard of Pendle Hill.  It’s home to the twelve Pendle Witches who were hanged at Lancaster Castle in 1612 and buried on the ominous Pendle Hill looking over the village of Newchurch. Ghost hunters often climb the hill on Halloween to see if they can catch any ghostly activity. If you don’t encounter any hauntings, don’t despair, the nearby Rising Sun pub has witchy brews like Witchfinder General and Broomstick Bitter. Spooky and delicious.

2. Ghostly Horror at Hampton Court Palace, London

Hampton Court Palace haunted britain




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