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Herbal Collar to Repel Different Types of Insects

Pennyroyal oil which is used in many insect repellents and other things which can be fatal if ingested by a dog or cat. If you usea the likes part of a shampoo it can be toxic by osmosis via the skin. Because of this potential hazard to my two canine babies I make a simple removable collar using dried Pennyroyal along with other herbs to keep more pests off of them. This way it still protects my dogs from becoming flea taxis yet the Pennyroyal and other herbs do not touch their fur or skin. I have also found out by making a collar large enough for myself that Pennyroyal mixed with one or more of these herbs will repel misquoted and other pests too, use this link for this information:

11 Plants & Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

The plants and herbs listed in link can be planted along the edge of your yard if you live in an area where deers roam or even if there places around your home that could harbor fleas and/or ticks, in others words whether you live in an urban or rural area your dog, car, or bird will wind up with fleas if they go outside. Ticks are less common in urban areas tbh the rural ones but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so every pet should have tick prevention also. The following link gives you plants to put in our yard to keep the fleas and ticks away:

Using Plants as Natural ‘Pest’ Repellents

Now back to how to make an insect repellent collar or if you prefer necklace.


1 Sewing Needle

Any Color Thread

Stretch Pure Cotton Cloth (For LENGTH size measure around largest part of neck and add 2 inches. WIDTH size should be 2 to 5 inches depending on th size of your cat or dog. For a human “necklace” width shoe be 6 inches) USE A DIFFERENT COLOR FOR EACH PET OR PERSON.

Enough of the Herbs you choose to mix together to use in the collar. For example my Min Pin, Cleo, is approximately 12 inches tall, weights about 13 pounds and her neck is approximately 8 inches in diameter so in her I use approximately 3/4 of cup of a mixture ofPennyroyal, pepermint, Marigold petals dried over the winter and 4 drop of Citronella mixed well. My Chihuahua, Star, is approximately 9 inches tall, with much shorter legs putting her belly closer to the ground making it easier for pests to hitch a ride, she weights about 9 pounds and her neck size is the same as Cleos’. So for her I add Rosemary, I have cracked it open with my mortar and pedestal. I use approximately 5/8 of a cup of the mixture in her collar.

Some of the Herbs may have to be slightly ground to work properly. Do not use herbs the have been package by a company to be used for cooking as the processing of the Herbs always remove some of the medicinal benefits. Herbs you can by loose in bulk form are the next best thing to home grown organic herbs.



Before making and using the herbal anti bug collar for a cat, dog, or human check with your pts veterinarian and/or the humans doctor to make sure your pet or theother person is not allergic to any of the Herbs you want to use and that they will interact alright with any daily medication hour petstore or the person is on. Lady Beltane and/or NewFound-Life are responsible in any way if anything reaction happens causing an illness or death if you made the choice to use the herbal collar/necklace this article is about. Continue reading “Herbal Collar to Repel Different Types of Insects”