Another Tip on Grounding Excess Energy

When you release your own or a ritual or any magickal working excess energy into Mother Earth ask her to renew the energy to use however she wants to. Also thank her for her help. Then make sure to fill the emptiness you have left inside yourself with some type of energy be it love, kindness, positive or whatever you feel you need more of right than. Otherwise it is possible for that space to be filled with negativity or even allow a negative entity attach itself to you.

When I am doing my daily grounding usually sometime in the morning, no matter what the weather is like, I ask Ra, the ancient Egyptian.Sun God, to fill me with his warmth and energy. Sun energy is the ultimate element of Fire energy and while it is a bit chaotic it gives me the energy I need to make it through a lot of days. I ask Luna, a Roman Moon goddess, for her guidance and energy. The gaming effect of the Moon’s energy helps to offset the chaos of th Fire energy. By using a God and goddess to help fill me with their energies it help balance the masculine and feminine duality we all have inside us. I thank both of them and Mother Earth for their individual energies and help.

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