We shall miss you…

Dear Magickal friends, it weighs heavily upon my heart to announce the saddening news that I heard this morning that one of our lovely Witches ——-> Tip Toechick, has crossed over and is no longer with us in this physical plane, due to a car accident.

She was one of my favorites on YouTube because of her knowledge and also her bubbly, happy, sometimes very straight forward attitude.

Thank you Tip Toe, for having added your Magick to our Witchy community.  You will be greatly missed by many!!

Cross over dear one, no fear. We shall meet again in the Summerland.





Living your Witchcraft

Hello Magickal friends.  I hope you are well and happy.

Are you the type of Magickal person that sporadically practices the ways of Magick and or Witchcraft, or do you live it on a daily basis?  What I mean by that is, do you do a daily Ritual of some sort to honor the Magick within yourself…in your life?  Do you light candles, incense, or do you chant or dance?  Do you have an Altar or some sort of Sacred Space that you go to every day, or just every now and then?

Have you ever thought about your Magick or Craft in this manner?  I ask these questions because I’ve been a practicing Witch for the last 16 years and I know that there were certain times in my life that I just didn’t feel the need to go to my Altar, for days at a time.  I felt as though it was enough just being out in Nature and taking the time to Chant as I took a walk, but the thing is, I didn’t even do that every day.

Now, however, the last 5 years have been so riddled with change and fear-causing situations for me that I have been going to my Altar…EVERY DAY because it brings me comfort, strength and peace.  It’s my special place where I go to fill myself with the love, knowledge and support of my Spiritual Support Group.  Of course, I can do this anywhere I am, and I do, but, being at my Altar is where I truly feel the fear ebbing away from my thoughts…from my soul.  I feel my Ancestors, Guardians, Guides and all the Angels there, even more powerfully and thoroughly than I do anywhere else.  My Goddess and God are also there, stronger than life itself.

I am interested in knowing how it is for you.  Either leave me a comment below, or you can send me a private message if you prefer and I will be able to converse with you about it and also help you gain a few answers  regarding your  Present, Near Future, and Long-Term-Future, with a 3 card TAROT Reading that I will do for you.

Bright Magickal Blessings to you and yours.