Full Moon Magick


Depending on where you are in this world, the Full Moon will be tomorrow.  This is a very powerful time to do Rituals for bringing things, people and situations to you that you truly desire.

I normally do the following Rituals during the the Full Moon period (which I feel is 3 days before the Full Moon, the Full Moon itself and 3 days after):

Self love

Good health


Attain a job

Attain a boyfriend/girlfriend

Increase confidence/self-esteem

Find the right friends

Attain a house/car



Family coming together


Now these are just a few of the Rituals that can be done during the Full Moon period.  Can you come up with any other Rituals for this time?

I feel it’s important to mention that when you do a Ritual, PLEASE make sure that you have everything close at hand for when it’s time because you don’t want to have to go looking for pen and paper or your herbs and so forth, as this could possibly kill the Magickal mood.

1 or 2 days before, think about which Magickal Working you’re going to do.  Plan it out…write it down.  Make list of the steps you will take and also of the items you plan on using in the Ritual.  Be as organized as you possibly can because the more organized you are, the more focused you can be which means that your Ritual will more than likely be a success.  In addition, you need to know if you will have your Ritual outside or inside.  Try to make it at a time when no one will disturb you, if possible.

After you’ve done your Ritual, be sure to write in your Book of Shadows exactly the steps you did and the things you used.  Inside or outside.  How was the weather that day?  What was your mood.  Were you feeling well? Be sure to write down as many things regarding the Ritual as you possibly can because if the end result turns out to be what and how you want it to be, you will most certainly want to do this Ritual again, for yourself, and possibly for someone else.

I wish you much Luck, Success and Bright Magickal Blessings!

5 thoughts on “Full Moon Magick

  1. Please remember to ground the extra energy from your ritual so it does not build up and possibly cause havoc usually with electrical items.
    I also do protection spells and empower a couple of Moonstone rings with the Goddess’ energy in case I need a quick boost of full Moon energy when doing a usual full Moon spell/ritual during a different Moon phase. This helped me out when I went through about 12 to 13 months when every time a full Moon came the weather was lousy and the Moon could not be seen.

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  2. I keep debating whether to do the ritual I have planned tonight on the full moon or wait for my birthday on Saturday. I think I will wait for my birthday because of the significance of the date to me personally, but I might have to do a mini full moon ritual tonight as well 🙂

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    1. Greetings Maranda and thank you for coming to visit, it’s nice to have you here. We would be very happy if you would click the FOLLOW button 🙂

      With regard to your comment, the “mini Ritual” is a very good idea indeed. I can definitely understand you wanting to wait until your special day to do your main Ritual. I would like to give you a tip if I may, and that is, Take the candle, or candles that you plan to use on the 27th for your Ritual, outside tonight and try and put them in a place where the Moon can shine on them (if it’s cloudy, don’t worry, the moon is very powerful and can still imbue your candle(s) ). Just try and make sure that the place you decide on will keep them from getting wet if it should happen to rain.

      Bring your candle(s) in tomorrow and wrap them in white fabric….a towel….even white paper will work. Keep them wrapped and stored in a place that no one will touch them. Then they will have the fierce power of the Full Moon when you are ready for your ritual.

      It’s always a good idea to do the proper Rituals during the appropriate Moon Phase, but it’s also good to know that you can work any Ritual whenever the need arises.

      Please let me know how your two Rituals turn out. I wish you much success and happiness.

      Blessed Be, dear one.

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