The Protective, Magickal Circle

Greetings to you!

I wish to write today about casting the Protective, Magickal Circle, the way that I do it.  There are so many different ways to do it, and almost everyone thinks that the way they do it is the right way, and it is true.  The way they do it for themselves is the right way, for them.  The way I do it for myself is the right way, for me, and last but not least, the way you will decide to do it for yourself will be the right way for you.

Something that I would like to reiterate is to do what you wish, but never harm another.  There is no absolute right way to do something, in in fact, that’s the main reason that I’ve founded Alpha-Witchcraft because I just got tired of having to do everything the way that someone told me I had to do it in order to belong to their group.

I love to fly solo, and as an Alpha Witch, that’s what I do. Yes, this is one of my daily affirmations because it’s not bad to be different from the rest.

So, getting on with the theme at hand, this is how I do it:

  1. I and my Magickal companion (my Alphapoo), go to my Sacred Space and stand quietly for a few moments, clearing my mind and settling our breathing, making ready for the next steps.
  2. I light my altar candles.
  3. I imagine a shaft of strong, white light, coming down from the Universe and into my crown Chakra, filling my entire being with it.
  4. Using either my pointer finger or my Wand, I extend  it out in front of me and turn very slowly in a clockwise circle envisioning a jelly-like-sphere encompassing the entire Sacred Space as I say, “Dear Goddess & God, dear Guardians, Ancestors, Guides, Guardian Angels, Arch Angels and all other Angels who wish to help, please now fill this Magickal Circle that I now form around this Sacred Space with your Energies and ensconce it with your powerful Protection, as of now.  Let it so remain until I renew it once again.  My thanks be unto you all. You are always welcome to dwell here whenever you desire, however, if you must leave, I wish you many thanks, Love, Light & Peace.
  5. Now I use my Athame to cut a slit that will be used to come in or go out.  However, whoever comes into my Protective, Magickal Circle will be cleansed as they come through the jelly-like entrance.
  6. The last thing I do is to light a Smudge-bundle and Smudge the entire Circle, my Magickal Companion (my Poodle named Pumpkin), and then lastly, myself.

If I wish to to any Magickal Workings, I go ahead and do so now.

So, I’ve described the way I do it.  A lot of Magickal folk won’t agree with it, but that’s ok because everyone has their own (right) way to do it.

Bright Magickal Blessings

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