Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck – German theoretical physicist

Albert Einstein – German-born theoretical physicist

Erwin Schrödinger – Austrian Physicist

Werner Karl Heisenberg – German theoretical physicist

Max Born – German physicist and mathematician

The four men that I’ve named, amongst others, are the main figures regarding Quantum Mechanics which is an application of the mathematical sort of the Quantum Theory that expounds upon the fact that energy is matter. To break it down, everything is made of energy, and that includes us.

With that being said, we can now get on with the subject at hand, which is grounding.

Our body always have a flow of energy running through and around it.  That is what helps us to exist.  Sometimes, especially after doing a magickal work, our bodies are teaming with energy that is surging through and around us.  If you don’t ground yourself after every ritual & spell, ultimately this energy will accumulate and be stored as excess energy in your body and eventually the excess energy will need to find a way to exit your body.

What is grounding?

Grounding is the act of connecting yourself to the earth, and releasing all of the excess energy that has collected within your body.

How can you ground?

A few examples of grounding include:

+Walking outside. It doesn’t matter if you are walking on the sidewalk, or the street.  But, it would be even better if you could walk barefoot on the grass or in the luscious, dark, brown dirt.

+Placing both of your hands on the floor or ground, wherever you   are.

+Running cold water over your hands and wrists.

+Sitting on the ground or floor, holding a piece of hematite or obsidian.

+My all-time favorite is to sit on the ground or floor and imagine my tail-bone growing down deep into the dark, rich earth, pushing everything out of its way, until I connect to the core of our earth.

Now, sit or lay on the ground or floor and vividly imagine your body sprouting strong, thick roots which dig and burrow themselves deep into Mother Earth…even if you are in a building on the third floor, it will still work.

After you’ve connected to Mother Earth, feel the energy surging within your body and begin to direct it into a circle from the top of your head down and around your sides, passing underneath your bottom, back up the sides and to the top of your head.  Envision this energy making this circle around the inside of your body at least three times and then when it comes back down underneath your bottom, imagine all of the excess energy exiting down into and through the connection you’ve made with Mother Earth.  (Your body will let you know when you’ve released enough energy).

Why do I need to ground? 

The answer is simple. If you don’t ground yourself, you will feel spacey and not be able to concentrate.  You’ll be out of sorts AND there is a very good possibility that you can short-circuit many of your electrical appliances!

This happened to me a long time ago, when I was still unfamiliar with the deep inner workings of Magick.  I ended up short – circuiting our TV, microwave…and my computer.  I also blew out a few light bulbs.  Luckily, my dearest sister-witch, Lady Beltane, explained to me what was going on. She (we), had a


good laugh, and she still reminds me of the incidence to this day.

So, please, remember to ground yourself!

Bright Magickal Blessings!





5 thoughts on “Grounding

  1. Have you remembered to ground today? LOL Sorry dearest sister you know my humor I just couldn’t resist.
    Also everyone should remember to ground excess energy from all rituals and spells before opening your circle
    Blessed be sister


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