Hello and welcome to our new website.  We’ve changed our name, as well as our content because we want to be able to include more information on:

*different spiritual topics







*Tarot cards

*Angel cards

*moon phases



*Book of Shadows


*how we can help Mother Earth

*clean eating

*how we can stop the cruelty with regard to all who are innocent (animals, babies, children, etc.)


*grounding & centering





*Living off grid



*the meaning of colors

*candle magick





*organic living

*Climate change

*essential oil therapy

There will be quite a few other topics added as we go along, but most importantly, if YOU would like to see something added to our list, please send us a message under the CONTACT section.  We are sincerely interested in the things that you would like to know more about or discuss.  We’d love to have your input!

We really hope you like the changes we’ve made.

Blessed Be

Namaste om-3312546_1280